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about democrats and republicans. the choice he's making between stanford and cal. that's up next. >>> taking a beautiful, live look outside. yeah, despite the soggy skies to start our day, waiti for the sun's arrival. we do need the rain. and the snow in the sierras. nice, too. a lot more ahead. it's 6:21. stick around. >>> spring is here. so is march madness. converging on san jose this morning, getting ready for the ncaa tournament. teams will start practicing at hp pavilion this morning. among them, the bay area's very own cal bears will take on unlv tomorrow. syracuse, st. louis and oklahoma state will also be playing in san jose. >>> don't forget those gales. st. marys getting off to a great start. advancing to the next round of 64. st. marys beating middle tennessee. the gales will take on memphis tomorrow. >> i'm guessing you stayed up and watched that entire game. >> i did. i did. i had a chance to go to bed early but i couldn't. >> why would you? >> i'm a gale. >> president obama's brackets, he always gets in on the basketball stuff here. his bracket will be revealed in
of attention do you think that's getting? >> writer and contributor judy miller. cal thomas. jim pinkerton, american conservative magazine and he will enratner, talk radio service. i'm jon scott, fox news watch is on right now. >> i believe that israel is rooted not just in history and tradition, but also in a simple and profound idea. the idea that people deserve to be free in a land of their own. the palestinian people's right to self-determination, their right to justice must be recognized. put yourself in their shoes and look at the world through their eyes. it is not fair that a palestinian child cannot grow up in a state of their own. . >> jon: president obama speaking to a primarily jewish audience in jerusalem on thursday, be a major trip to the middle east which had some critics in the media asking, why is he there? so, jim, let's get your answer on that. is it part of the charm offensive overseas? >> and netanyahu that should be a tougher sell. it should have happened in the first term and various reasons they didn't. and now they're doing it now. not that they offer, but checkin
majority. i'd love to hear them explain their cal kragss to the parents of newtown. emily, is harry reid's bill essentially a surrender that's based on the political reality of the vote next year? >> i would actually even challenge even at this point harry reid's cal slags that this is a political reality. the reality is the american public is already there. particularly, when it comes to background checks. poll after poll is showing us 90% of the american people, 84% of gun owners, even 74% of nra members are supporting the universal background checks. the nra -- >> that is in the bill. what's not in the bill is assault weapons. as you know dianne feinstein wasn't very happy about it. >> not very happy and neither was vice president biden. harry reid needs to say no to the special interests and yes to the american people. people are very motivated on this issue. i do think this is a place where we need to turn american reality into political realities. people need to get motivated on it. >> here's what's in the package. let's take a lock at it. universal background chokes. gun trafficki
' surge came up just short and cal wins it 64-61 which takes on syracuse which won by 47 points last night. should we let you toot your horn here or i'll toot it for you. you with 13-3 in your bracket picks. >> oh, yes. >> i was 8-8, but we still have three of the same four teams for the fine, but you nailed it, man. >> thank you very much. i am patting my back right now because -- >> you should be. i'll pat it for you. nicely done. making me feel like i'm not a real man getting smoked by diana in my brackets. >> usually when you -- at the very beginning almost always, you know, there's something like in that happens then you'll, of course, be the one that takes it all. >> i don't believe it. you got me. >>> coming up next in "the pulse" extreme peeps. create uses for a favorite easter treat. >> webtastic, video clip of a little guy still trying to get the hang of a catch. check it out. [ female announcer ] are you sensitive to dairy? then you'll love lactose-free lactaid® it's 100% real milk that's easy to digest so you can fully enjoy the dairy you love. lactaid®. for 25 years, easy to
friends say he disappeared. crews with the cal fire, the sheriff's department and the thormaster have been trying to find him. serve conditions are relatively calm but the water is cold. crews are conducting a grid search in hopes of finding lopez. >> they're dropped a data buoy in from where the last location was to see which way the surf conditions are going. >> he going, when i start looking for him. >> gone? >> yeah. reporter: friends say lopez works at restaurant here in half moon bay. his boss and coworkers came to the beach when they got the word. >> ama: another developing story. this one out of milpitas. people are now returning to their homes after a gas leak forced evacuation of dozens of people. pg&e says a worker doing routine maintenance broke a involve on a service line this afternoon. you can see police evacuating residents. it happened in the area of has send avenue and victoria drive. there are no reports of injuries. >> we're learning more about the 19-year-old marine from oakley who has shot and killed last week. lance corporal sara castromata was on the honor roll in h
cal. >> double jeopardy is our mainstay of our constitution and rights. so amanda knox acquitted on a denovo appeal. the case was tried once. with independent experts on appeal, and then for them to come back and say, we want her to be reversed and tried for a third time. >> shepard: how is she -- >> never happened here. , she is -- seattle is a funny place. the press here said from the get-go, when amanda said i just want to be mismy family economy, landed here with the crowds, the press signed a letter saying, we'll leave you alone. never take a picture, so we never hear about her in the press. living a quiet live here at the uw. the same boyfriend before the trial and her initial arrest. he lives in the international district. his family supports her. she has a great extend family in west seattle, and hopefully this will be the period at the end of a very long and unfortunate sentence. >> shepard: is that the thinking? >> i think it is. surprised to hear there was a mixed review in court. the thinking here is, like no way. just no way she's going to have to go back. and in rea
. >> amazing what he did. >>> 12th seeded cal taking on number five unlv in san jose. thurman throws down the slam. lead to eight but unlv not done and stage a comeback. three from the side from anthony bennett and lays it there in for the missed read. rebels down by three. only 15 seconds to go. any christian laettner duke moment? no. cal bears win 64-61. they have a date with number four syracuse who won by like 50 last night. >> is syracuse still playing basketball at the end of the tournament? >> if you listen to boeheim, business as usual. ignore the scandal. >>> oregon deserves a much higher seed and facing oklahoma state. all ducks. emery takes the feed buries the three and they roll 68-55. tough shot there for oklahoma state. first tournament win since 2007. the ducks have their hands full when they face fourth seeded st. louis tomorrow. butler, vcu and st. louis looking tough. now the game that teased us. gonzaga taking on 16 seed. never before a 16 seed beat a one seed. game tied. eric beltran was money at the end of the game. gut check time. under 4:00 to go. bell nails the thr
. ♪♪ ♪ thet jcpenney easter sale. >> tokamak, big problems with the cal trans commute this morning. their problems and the palo alto station, a tray number to a 11 struck a pedestrian. all services disrupted and major delays. caltrans suggesting that there passengers look for alternate means of transportation. they are trying to establish a bus bridge between menlo park in mountain view. this includes a stop at palo alto. delays could reach two hours or more. and no indication of when they will be back to service. there have been problems earlier this morning in san francisco within eastbound accident leading to the lower deck of the bay bridge. it has backed up traffic all the way to the candlestick causeway. >> happy monday to you. we are down to the sweet 16, moving, without cal. unfortunately they beat syracuse. >> they won a game on thursday. this is not one of those things rego zero couple of bad breaks here and there. syracuse was just a heckuva lot better. >> there is that during that emerged florida's gulf coast university. the team with the hot wife. >> if you broke this
, bloomberg's not around. our big gulp's safe. we're cool. shoot, it's just pop. with low-cal ice cubes in it. i hope that's okay. >> we're back. sarah palin found her true fans this weekend when she made her way to an adoring crowd at cpac. that didn't stop her from delving into the lowest of the low. birther talk. >> more background checks. dandy idea, mr. president. should have started with yours. >> you get the drift. this kind of talk may rile up the base but doesn't appeal to mainstream america. ron reagan is radio talk show host and msnbc political analyst. and sharon is a reporter for "roll call." what is it about the birther thing that gets to the giggle with these people? why do they love doing this, to talk about the president's roots as un-american? what's the giggle here? >> well, obviously she was speaking to a conservative convention. a lot of young activists are there. probably the most conservative, the conservative wing of the republican party. they liked it. they were cheering it on. >> why? >> why? because i think they still believe for some reason the it. they were clear
, bloomberg's not around, our big gulp is safe. we're cool. it's just pop with low-cal ice cubes in it. i hope that's okay. >>> so the half-term governor turned reality tv star turns fox newscastoff is the life of the party. does the gop have a problem? you betcha. joins me here on set is lauren ash burn and ryan grim. lauren, what does it say about the state of the gop when sarah palin is getting that reaction? >> she livened up that crowd. as a person who spent the day listening to rubio and ryan -- >> that was yawning just that. >> she comes on and bam she has the crowd laughing. she has the crowd moving. you know, it seemed like she was auditioning for a role on msnbc, as much as she was bashing other republicans. >> well, ryan, do you think that you think it's a lack of talent that there's no new ideas? i mean, why such a bland crew of people at cpac, many of whom we expect to be running in 2016? >> it's because palin doesn't care about elections. the people who were being bland and boring are trying to position themselves for 2016. they know the rhetoric that fires up a cpac crowd dooms
.o.m.a. is before the supreme court next week, as is proposition 8, the marriage ban in cal cam. we'll see what the court does on those two. i'm opt michtic on both. at the end of the day, we don't decide the fundamental rights of a minority by the a vote of the people or the whims of public opinion polls. that's with a our judiciary is there for. as we're talking about the new language that you're hearing from chairman raince priebus and the report that came out from the republican party, i think that is significant movement. what the next important step is going to be, to see how that's followed up with actual policy actions. and there are a number of things, aside from repealing d.o.m.a., that the congress should and could do, one would be passing an employment nondiscrimination act. in this country, in more than half the states, can you fire someone for being lgbt. and congress has a responsibility there and they should act and i think this is a perfect opening for republicans and democrats to come and work together on this issue. >> chad, one more question before we go. when you read the g
ten years. in rand paul's case four or five years. >> so is, a, antithey cal to what they need to be concerned about. in fact, anytime we've ever achieved a sustainable budget packet that's brought the debt down as a share of the economy, it's economic growth has been a key component. all of that said, there are pressures from health care costs in the long term, and we do have to deal with them, but interestingly, even there, there's some hope, because the dragon -- that part of the dragon is actually shrinken a bit. the congressional budget office has pulled down their long-term forecast for the growth of medicare and medicaid by half a trillion over the next ten years. it doesn't mean we're out of the woods, but some of the cost savings issues that will be so important to solving the real debt crisis are actually showing some signs of life. >> would you like to see less fantasy and more fact? >> and one fact i would like to see people focused on is the federal government has run a deficit in 46 of the last 50 years. so. what we need over the long term is a sustain away budget
and wake-up cal but a sad state of events in this country we have to wait until we're most vulnerable, our children are victims for us to act. >> it's a good point, mr. glaze. have we missed and opportunity to pass comprehensive gun laws in the wake of newtown? >> i don't think so. it took seven years to pass the assault weapons ban and get the brady bill enacted. i don't think it will take that law to pass a comprehensive weapons law. the senate will be out of session a couple weeks and we will have dozens of organizers and hundreds of folks who believe as we do because they experienced the loss of child or loved one or shot themselves, will do everything they can to make sure these changes happen. when the senators come back from recess april 8th, they will do more today to buckle down and do what the country is calling on them to do in overwhelming numbers. >> do americans believe we already have universal background checks? is that part of the problem here? >> absolutely right. not only does the general public think that's already the law everybody has to get a background check when at
'm laura garcia-cannon. cal moving on in the ncaa tournament. they beat unlv. stanford plays tulsa sunday at home at maples pavilion. today turning out to be glorious. >> it really is nice. good morning to you. inland, 70, warmer days ahead, 71, 65 at the coast. rain returns next week tuesday through friday. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. ♪ >>> welcome to "today" on this friday morning, march 22nd, 2013. we have got a lot of folks outside celebrating the kickoff for the first spring weekend here in rockefeller plaza. wee waiting for spring to actually show up. >> yeah, dylan what's up with that? >> stop apologizing, not your fault as al would be quick to point out. >> lighright. >> we're here with dylan dreyer and jason kennedy pinching for willie and al as well. take three tod
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)